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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday & Wednesday

Yesterday was a church night and my mother in law graciously took care of John for the night. My mother in law is going to take care of John while my wife is away. So I have to tend to Dan only. Since it was a church night, I went straight to bed when I reached home.

Today, I took everyone to One Utama for some shopping. John's kindy is having an animals theme day this Friday and John wanted a shirt with zebra. I couldn't find any such shirt. I will continue to search tomorrow night.

I also wanted to print 2 photos. I was looking for the Kodak Picture Kiosk where I can just print 2 photos from my flash disk. Similarly my search was in vain. Do you know the availability of such kiosk? I think there is one in Mid Valley.

Tom and Jerry is going to end soon. Time to put Dan to sleep. Good night.


At 4:58 pm , Anonymous hazel said...

try mikaliya.com they have costumes for rent.


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