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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Prawn Mee - Restaurant Yon Lee

I wanted to try the prawn mee in Kg Cempaka as recommended by kyspeaks. However, before I got my chance, kyspeaks has found another good stall selling prawn mee in TTDI. To be honest, TTDI is more accessible compared to Kg Cempaka. Anyway, as mentioned by kyspeaks, this prawn mee is as authentic as any prawn mee in Penang. A definite place to go for all the prawn mee lovers in PJ. Looks like my top 3 best prawn mee shops list has changed:

1. Yon Len, TTDI
2. Chow Yang SS2
3. OS Paramount Garden

I will try to visit the Kg Cempaka stall soon.


At 4:22 pm , Anonymous atti2de said...

Shd also try the char kuey teow from the same coffee shop, Yong Len. Yummy... prawn mee is also good, from the aunty with a slight hunchback. ;)


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