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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Epson T013 Black Toner

I have a brand new Epson T013 black toner to give away for free. Interested? Leave a message in the comment box.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kodak C653

Remember my broken Kodak DX 4330 digicam? Kodak Support Centre has called me today. A Cik Ita told me my digicam lens are condemned. It would be too expensive to replace the lens. Cik Ita has offered to replace my DX4330 with a new C653 for only RM 390.00. I need to find out the RRP for C653.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I had a tough day at work today. The client kept changing his mind and I had to keep revising the work. The work is yet to be approved by the end of business day today and it has to be implemented first thing tomorrow morning. I guess it will be touch and go during tomorrow's session then.

Anyway, the missus had a tiring day too. She went to sleep early. Dan wanted to poop in the toilet bowl. We are training him to use the toilet bowl now. Unfortunately, he has not fully grasp the concept of lifting up his shirt after pooping. So his shirt gets soiled sometimes. I took out his shirt and went to get a new one for him. Unfortunately, Dan decided to climb on the bed before I could clean him. As a result, I had to change the bed sheet, wash the bed sheet, bath Dan and changed him. After all this, I had to make milk for him. Must be hungry after that big business.

Finally, both John and Dan slept around midnight. Yes, both of them are still sleeping with the parents. Yes, both of them sleep late at night.

It is not easy to juggle work with family nowadays especially when both parents are working. I have to do my share of taking care of the children as well. Don't get me wrong. I actually look forward to wash my children's backsides every day. It is just that there is not enough time of the day which is why I am blogging at half past midnight. Well, tomorrow is another day. Good night.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Soon the northern sky will be filled with orange colour. We already have blue and red. Yes, the colour of the new community airline is orange. Get this. Firefly is not Malaysia's second budget carrier. Firefly is actually Malaysia's first community airline. I hope Firefly is not a CSR exercise by MAS.

Yes, I was correct. www.firefly.com.my does not belong to FlyFireFly Sdn Bhd. The proper url is www.fireflyz.com.my. So cute. Adding the letter "z" is so Malaysian. I guess www.firefly.com.my was too expensive to buy out. Bookings can only be made through this web site in middle May. In the mean time, please use MAS 24 hours call centre to book your free ticket (only 2000 tickets available). Yes, Firefly is using MAS infrastructure until it is ready to stand on its own. You can also call 603-7845 4543.

Can you tell me if you notice any similarity between all three carriers' web sites?

Now, I thought this ad looks interesting. Looks like Fokker planes are making a comeback.

Just in case, you think I am being critical of FireFly, I am not. I actually look forward to see Firefly take off on 2 April. We always like to see other people fight. As kids, whenever we see 2 children fight, the rest of them will encourage and even clap their hands. I don't know why. In this case here, while there is no direct war between Firefly and AirAsia but I do believe the Penangites will benefit in the long run. To borrow AirAsia's tagline, now every Penangite can fly.

p/s: I read Penang Island has a new bus service too called RapidPenang.

Friday, March 16, 2007


No unhealthy war, the government says with the introduction of Firefly. I guess these new routes are not even profitable enough for AirAsia. Hopefully the Fokker planes can really lower the costs for Firefly to stay in this business for the long haul.

I still can't access www.firefly.com, www.firefly.com.my nor www.flyfirefly.com.my web sites at the moment. At least www.firefly.com.my in under construction although I got a bad feeling it is not meant for FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd. I could see a picture of a swamp at www.flyfirefly.com. It reminds me of the fireflies in Kuala Selangor. So I doubt it is owned by Firefly either.

Thanks to a comment left by yzerfontein, the name Firefly was meant to be "evocative, emotive and unique". Now I fail to see how Firefly is connected to "evocative, emotive and unique". Have you seen a firefly before? If not, you better visit Firefly Park Resort this weekend. Firefly shines at night to attract sexual partner. Can sexual advances be "evocative, emotive and unique"?

Anyway, let's not jump the gun and wait for their big announcement on the 17th March 2007.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Firefly, that is right. The name of the second no frills airline in Malaysia. Actually, I thought FAX was the second budget airline in Malaysia. Anyway, MAS owns Firefly to be operated out of Penang airport. Firefly will be using Fokker planes, servicing routes which are not operated by other airlines at the moment.

Finally, the government has allowed MAS to venture into this niche market. However, I feel MAS should have come up with a better brand name than Firefly. What is MAS trying to project Firefly? That it is a small fry in the budget airline market?

Firefly should be profitable from the word go since it will be using Fokker planes. Hopefully Firefly can fly further than South Thailand. I am sure the Penang people will benefit from it.

Go Firefly Go! Hopefully you can brighten the aviation industry even more.

Monday, March 12, 2007

All England

Did you watch the All England badminton game on TV last night? Both Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong have appeared on the front page of The Star newspaper for their heroic efforts yesterday. They have ended our 25 years wait for a doubles badminton triumph at All England. Kudos to them. Praises should go to Rexy Mainaky too. We have broken 2 "records" since he took over as the doubles coach. The other "record" being the gold medalist at the recent Asian Games, a first in 36 years. Keep it up guys. The World Championship is just a few months away.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Malaysia Super League

Perak has surged to the top of the Malaysia Super League after defeating Brunei DPMM 3-0 last night. Keep up the good work, Steve Darby and the Perak football team. Technically, Kedah could still overtake Perak since Kedah has a game in hand. Anyway, that is another story.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

AirAsiaX postponed

For those who are planning to fly to Manchester using AirAsiaX in July this year would have to wait another year since AirAsiaX is unable to purchase any aircraft for this long haul route. AirAsiaX may have secured the Malaysia's government approval. How about the landing rights at Manchester? I am not an aviation industry expert but I thought securing the landing rights is more important than procuring aircraft at the moment. Don't get me wrong. I am not against AirAsiaX. I wouldn't mind paying only half price to fly to UK. I just hope it is not just a marketing hype.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Kodak Digicam

My Kodak digicam is not working again. The screen turns blank after every snapshot. This is the second time my Kodak digicam has broken down on me. Kodak's moving to their new office in Peremba Square does not help either. It is so far away from my office now. I wonder how much this repair is going to cost me now.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The sickly continues

I have no idea what was wrong with my previous posting which went blank. I had to delete it before I could publish this posting. Anyway I am too lazy to rewrite it now. When I thought I was on the road to recovery, I have developed a serious sore throat. It hurts even when I swallow saliva. The wisdom tooth pain is subsiding. Hence I didn't see the dentist this morning. I was planning to see the doctor after work just now since my mild headache has returned during lunch time but it was closed. I have taken 2 Panadols. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sickly Chinese New Year

Only one post in February. Man, I am even disappointed in myself. Chinese New Year was bad for me this year. I have contracted a flu virus from the office and I started to fall ill on the day before the reunion dinner. I woke up on Friday morning with a fever and headache. Couldn't work on that Friday for sure.

We were originally planning to leave for Sungai Petani on Saturday morning. Since I couldn't drive all the way back, we have decided to depart on Friday midnight. The whole world decided to do the same thing. As a result, it took twice the normal time to reach Ipoh. Suzanne took over the driving from Sg Perak onwards. We finally reached Sungai Petani after 6 hours of journey.

My fever started to fade on Monday. So we made our annual pilgrimage to Penang on Monday afternoon. The children enjoyed the beach very much.

We went back to PJ on Tuesday morning and the traffic was no better. I resumed work on Thursday and Friday. Just when I thought I would completely recover from the flu, the fever came back on Sunday and I have been on medication again since. Tomorrow would mark the second week that I am having this flu bug in my system. I may need to see a third doctor if my condition doesn't improve by tomorrow.