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Friday, January 05, 2007

Kindergarten (Updated)

Something happened this morning which only occurred once to me last year. John wanted me to drop him off in front of the kindergarten today. Looks like John is really growing up now.

John has started his kindergarten class this week. Unlike the nursery class last year, there was no fuss this time around. Thanks to the mother who sent him to class during November. Suzanne was very strict with him while I actually allowed him to sleep all the way to nursery. Anyway, he was already awake in the car even before I reached the kindy yesterday. I brought him to Ikea playground as his reward. Then we stopped by at atti2de house to return her monitor on the way home. I believe Ian and John made friends for the first time. Ian showed his Xbox to John. We have been contemplating buying a console game for John. John always play VSmile at Jaya Jusco and Toys "R" Us. On the other hand, we want to delay his exposure to console game as later as possible. We do not want him to turn into a couch potato at such a young age. Let's see how long we can delay this inevitability.

Dan also wants to go to school when he found out John was going. Too bad I can't afford it. Anyway Dan is not ready to go to nursery yet. He is too young, not potty trained and he has not out-grown his
CMPA. He will have to wait until 2008 then.


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