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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jaring Dial-up

I have been a Jaring dial-up user since 1995. My account was due for a renewal in October last year. Jaring has also emailed about their new dial-up packages around the same time which would take effect on 15 November. You can read more about it since it was mentioned by JeffOoi, Jaring screwing up personal dial-up users?

I have decided to terminate my Jaring account since I have to pay a monthly fee even though I am not using the dial-up services. I wanted to switch to TMNet dial-up but it also charges a monthly fee. I have always maintained a dial-up account for backup reason. After all, Streamyx is not necessarily stable all the time.

Anyway, I still have some money in my Jaring account. I have asked if I could get the refund of my balance. The answer was yes since my balance was more than RM10. The cheque has finally arrived today. It is not about the amount but I am glad I have received my refund after "such a short period of time".


At 12:24 am , Blogger Faizal said...

normally refund process is 2-3 month


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