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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The journey to Sarikei took 1.5 hours one way. The road condition was better compared to Kota Belud, Sabah. However, the road was being widened and the drive was slower at certain stretches.

Sarikei is famous for Sarawak’s pineapples. Apparently, Sarawak’s sweet pineapples are sourced from Sarikei. Sarikei is definitely smaller than Sibu. I didn’t get to see much of Sarikei since my flight from Sibu to Kuching was scheduled at 4.20pm.

I have noticed one thing about my trip here to Sibu. During my flight from KL to Sibu, the passengers got up from their seats even before the plane was docked at the airport. Usually, there is some slight movement during docking. Either Sibu people don’t care about their safety or they have strong and stable feet.

During my flight from Sibu to Kuching, all the passengers were waiting right outside the boarding gate. Now the incoming flight has just touched down and I believed the ground crew was cleaning the aircraft. Once again, everyone was very excited and stood outside the boarding gate even though it was not ready. The TV monitor didn’t help the cause as it was already flashing last call even though it was only 4.00pm. One poor lady thought she was late and quickly rushed to the aircraft. The immigration staff had to call her back since the boarding gate was still closed.

This is the first time I have noticed such observations in my entire travel life. So are Foochow people kiasu?

By the way, I saw the new Kuching airport was designed like KLIA during my transit. Are they going to copy KLIA airport design for the rest of the airports in the country as well?


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