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Monday, October 23, 2006

Good Parenting

1. Do you allow your kid to sleep late at night?

2. Do you allow your kids to move around in your motion car?

3. Do you allow your kids to roam around the restaurant once they have finished their food?

Am I a bad parent if I have answered yes to all 3 questions? Am I considered a good parent if I have answered no instead? I remember my parents were very strict to me when I was growing up. Looking back, I must admit I wasn't easy to manage in the first place. But then again, I was just being a kid. A kid doesn't have to worry about consequences. I just wanted my way in everything. Now how does a parent manage such a kid? Now you can prepare for the arrival of your baby by reading books. However, no books can teach you how to reason with your kids. I told myself I would be a nice parent before John was born. I didn't want John to experience the same childhood as mine. But I realized this is nearly impossible now. It is time to put my feet down and no more mr. nice guy. In doing so, I have become like my parents.

So, what is my best inspiration for being a good parent? My very own childhood.


At 2:26 pm , Anonymous atti2de said...

1. Only on the weekends.

2. Strap him in his car seat.

3. I normally bring stuffs for him to do on the dinner table... haha more less to occupy my monster.


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