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Friday, September 08, 2006


I have done something which I have never for a long time. 4.5 years to be exact. Yes, I have tendered my resignation today. This is the longest stint I ever had with any company. I usually do not last 3 years in my previous working experiences. So this is definitely an achievement for me. I waited for the right time before seeing my boss to hand over the letter. I got to admit I was pretty nervous about the entire process. I was afraid my boss would give me a long lecture. Probably she was expecting it because the lecture was nowhere to be seen. Anyway I am glad that was over. I still have one more hurdle to cross, my director. Hopefully he doesn't want to see me at all.


At 2:46 am , Anonymous Jenn said...

OMG. Where u going?

At 6:04 pm , Blogger snooki said...

check your email

At 11:56 am , Anonymous atti2de said...

yeah.... where you going??


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