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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pearl of the Orient

I have booked a room at Hotel Langkasuka, Langkawi during the Raya week. However, I am not really convinced my booking is confirmed because Ms. Jothi asked me to call back two weeks later. Since two other hotels are fully booked during the same week, I got a feeling the whole island will be swarmed with people. Thanks to the lack of assurance by Hotel Langkasuka, I have decided to visit the Pearl of the Orient instead. Since I am more familiar with Penang, it was easier to decide on the accommodation. We will still fly to Penang and the entire trip should be more affordable compared to Langkawi. Unlike Langkawi, there is no Underwater World or cable car in Penang. What are the children going to do in Penang besides frolicking in the beach?


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