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Monday, September 11, 2006


I have not taken medical leave for a very long time. However, my conjunctivitis is showing no signs of retreating and I need to take antibiotics due to a swollen throat. Hence the doctor has given me 2 days of medical leave. I got the flu and fever too. So I am sweating and shivering at the same time. The doctor also asked me to consume a lot of fluids even though my throat hurts when swallowing saliva. Most importantly, I need to stay at home in order to prevent an epidemic of red-eye monsters.

Here we are, trying to become responsible parents by grounding our children who were sick. And yet, there are other parents who do not share the same thinking. The red eye epidemic started in my family when Dan contracted it from another child. Soon it spread to Matthew, the maid and now me. All 4 of us were grounded and stayed at home. If that child had stayed at home, I believe none of us would have contracted conjunctivitis in the first place. Do other parents appreciate it? Yes, I am frustrated because it is very disheartening to see my children fall sick. Hopefully the conjunctivitis won't spread to Suzanne and John. Shucks! Now my right eye is twitching.


At 10:42 pm , Anonymous Jenn said...

My goodness. Hope u feel better soon. I remember last time in school when u see someone with the DEadly Red Eye, you keep away.

And yes, back then, parents still didnt care LOL. Must be noone to care for the kid if he/she doesnt go to school etc.

At 10:05 am , Blogger snooki said...

The old saying is you get red eye because you spied someone while bathing...the redness is abating but I am staying at home for one more day


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