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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Milo Fuze Mocha Milo Fuze Light

milo fuze mocha milo fuze light

I saw these two new products by Milo in a Carrefour leaflet recently. I went to Giant last Wednesday planning to buy Milo Fuze Mocha but I couldn't find the product anywhere. I was hoping to be more successful at Tesco but I left the hypermarket empty-handed. Is this exclusive to Carrefour at the moment? I hardly shop at Carrefour. Hopefully Giant will sell Milo Fuze Mocha soon.

I have sourced the details for Milo Fuze Mocha and Milo Fuze Light from
Nestle's web site.

MILO Fuze Light

MILO Fuze Light : 40% less fat, 25% less sweet. MILO Fuze Light is the easy tasty way to enjoy MILO with natural goodness, ACTIGEN-E and PROTOMALT. Just add hot water for a lighter cuppa that's truly nutritious.

RRP : RM10.60 / pouch (15 sachets)

MILO Fuze Mocha

MILO Fuze 3in1 MOCHA : MILO plus Coffee - twice the pleasure!
MILO Fuze 3in1 MOCHA is the easy, tasty way to get a cup of MILO plus coffee- for a great tasting, nutritious drink, full of goodness. Just add hot water for a quick, pleasurable treat whenever you need a break in your action-packed day!

RRP: RM10.60 / pouch (15 sticks)


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