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Monday, August 07, 2006

Is Floyd Landis a cheat?

As expected, the test for Floyd Landis Sample B is negative and is consistent with the result of the first test. He has been dismissed by his team Phonak. He is expected to lose his title as Le Tour de France 2006 champion and face a possible 2 year ban from cycling. I am not too sure if he can prove his innocence. I guess I am sad with this outcome. Ironically, I am reminded of Tyler Hamilton who is undergoing a 2 year ban for blood doping. Tyler Hamilton was also cycling for Phonak before he was found guilty for his offence. Overall, it is a very disappointing time for the cycling world right now.

On a separate note, I came across another disappointing article where the Sports Ministry have decided to bail out First Cartel Sdn Bhd, the organizers of Le Tour de Langkawi. Le Tour de Langkawi, one of the only 2 premier road races in Asia was the brainchild of Tun Dr. Mahathir. I try to follow the race every year through newspaper and television. I am very proud that we have a premier road race outside of Europe besides Tour of Qinghai Lake in China. I am always tickled by Hasbullah Awang's commentary especially when he pronounced the name of the European teams and cyclists.

The bailout package is worth RM 2.3 million. It appears that the entire damage may be more than RM 2.3 million. In any case, First Cartel Sdn Bhd has been dropped as the organizer. What has gone wrong? Malaysia has gained a reputation for organizing sporting events. Is this caused by First Cartel incompetence? Once again, we will never know the real answer. I just hope Le Tour de Langkawi will not disappear after 11 years since its inception.


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