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Friday, July 14, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006

Here is the list of yellow jersey holders after the completion of 11 stages in Le Tour de France 2006:

1. Thor Hushovd (2 stages including prologue)
2. George Hincapie (1 stage)
3. Tom Boonen (4 stages)
4. Serhiy Honchar (3 stages)
5. Cyril Dessel (1 stage)
6. Floyd Landis (1 stage)

We already have 6 different riders wearing the yellow jersey thus far. That is double the number of yellow jersey holders in Le Tour de France 2005. We only had 3 riders namely, David Zabriskie, Lance Armstrong and Jens Voigt during last year's race. It goes to show how wide open this year race is. I am sure the yellow jersey will change hands again since Floyd Landis only has a 8 seconds lead over Cyril Dessel. One thing for sure, Le Tour is heating up.


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