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Monday, July 31, 2006

Floyd Landis

Before he could even reach home to celebrate his triumph at Le Tour with his family, Floyd Landis has failed a doping test. He has been found with high testosterone level at the end of Stage 17. Everyone is waiting for the results of the test on his second sample. Floyd claimed his high testosterone level was created naturally by his body. The irony is he was tested 6 other times during the tour and yet he was only found guilty after he was won Le Tour. Everyone wants a real answer. I doubt we will get any.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tri Nations 2006 - New Zealand vs. Australia

This match was actually shown live on Astro Channel 80 on Saturday at 6.00pm. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the entire match because it coincided with my dinner. There was no surprise with the final result. Yes, the score was closer than the first match in Christchurch. I am not too sure if the Wallabies has improved their game but the All Black looks invincible at the moment.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogspot has been banned

I am no longer allowed to access www.blogspot.com in my office. I can't blog in my office anymore. I can't get my regular dosage for blogs that are hosted on blogspot. Man, I can't even surf www.sitemeter.com. Now I am contemplating to migrate my blog to www.wordpress.com. It may take some time to migrate all my previous postings. Secondly, there is no guarantee that my company will allow access to wordpress in the future. Such dilemma.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Drinks - Pepsi Gold, Seasons Red Bean Soya, ShiZen Green Tea and Yeos Isotea

Pepsi Gold

Pepsi has reintroduced Pepsi Gold for the recently concluded World Cup 2006. Pepsi has also launched a gold coin
contest in conjuction with this Pepsi Gold launch. I have decided to give this new flavour a try since I didn't dare during the previous launch. In all honesty, I couldn't taste this new flavour. Not too sure if my tongue is deformed but Pepsi Gold tasted like a normal Pepsi Cola. I surfed Pepsi Malaysia web site hoping to find out more information about Pepsi Gold but I was disappointed. So the only special attribute about Pepsi Gold is its unique golden hue.

Rating: 2/5

Seasons Red Bean Soya

Unlike Pepsi Gold, there wasn't any event to mark the launch of this new Red Bean flavoured Soya Bean drink by F&N Seasons. However, Seasons Red Bean Soya shares a similarity with Pepsi Gold. There are no details about this new drink on its web site either. I wasn't sure which flavour was stronger at first. I couldn't differentiate whether it was a soya bean with red bean drink or red bean with soya drink. I began to appreciate the drink after a few more sips. I really liked the combination of both the soya bean and red bean flavours. There is a little surprise for you towards the end of the drink. So make sure you really finish the can to find out the surprise.

Rating: 4/5

Shizen Green Tea

Personally, I only consume green tea with japanese food. I prefer my green tea to be cold rather than hot. So I never really understood the concept of drinking green tea in a can. I believe Yeos started this innovation in this country and Coca Cola has joined the bandwagon with the introduction of Shizen Green Tea. Shizen comes in 2 flavours, Jasmine and Calamansi Lime. I never caught on the trend of drinking green tea outside a japanese restaurant. Hence there is nothing special about Shizen. I am giving a below average rating for Shizen simply because of my personal preference rather than the taste of the drink itself. Overall, Shizen tasted okay.

Rating: 2/5

Yeos Isotea

In line with the health benefits of green tea, Yeos has launched a new Isotonic drink called Isotea. Isotea marks Yeo's penetration into the Isotonic drink segment. Yeos is probably the first company to introduce ready to drink green tea in Malaysia. Now, Yeos has managed to combine the green tea extract with Isotonic. Isotea tasted like any ordinary Isotonic drink. I couldn't really taste the green tea. Compared to the other Isotonic drinks, the green tea extract has given a slightly sweeter taste to Isotea.

Rating: 3/5

Monday, July 24, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Final Stage)

As expected, Floyd Landis is the winner of this year Le Tour de France. Thor Hushovd has claimed the final stage at Champs-Elysees. This year race is probably the most interesting one since the retirement of Lance Armstrong. 7 riders wore the yellow jersey during the entire race, just one short of equaling the record number of yellow jersey holders. I thought Floyd Landis was going to win this year's tour until the slight setback on Stage 16. He staged a remarkable comeback to win Stage 17 and put himself back into contention for the yellow jersey. He rode a cool and calm race to finish ahead of Oscar Pereiro during Stage 19 time trial. The yellow jersey will remain in the United States for another year.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tri Nations 2006 - South Africa vs. New Zealand

I don't know why Astro is not broadcasting the Tri Nations Cup live this year. So I had to rely on the Internet to follow the Tri Nations. There are no surprises with the final result. As expected, New Zealand has defeated South Africa by 35-17. South Africa played better than the last week drubbing by Australia but there is no stopping the in-form team at the moment.

Let's see how Australia will perform against the All Blacks next weekend.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 19)

Final Dispatch
Floyd Landis has wrestled the yellow jersey back from Oscar Pereiro. Floyd Landis has finished third behind Stage 19 winner of Serhiy Honchar. Barring any mishaps on the final stage, Floyd Landis should finished as the champion of Le Tour de France 2006.

Dispatch #3
Floyd has further extended his lead over Oscar Pereiro to 1:30 seconds at the end of the third time check.

Dispatch #2
All the riders have passed the second time check. Floyd Landis has increased his lead over Oscar Pereiro to 57 seconds now. The gap between these two riders is only 30 seconds in the overall classification. Landis time is faster than Carlos Sastre by more than 2 minutes.

Dispatch #1
The time trial is going on at the moment. All the riders have passed the first time check. Floyd Landis has a 10 seconds lead over Oscar Pereiro at this stage of the race.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 18)

It was just an average day in the office for the riders on Stage 18. Matteo Tosatto is the stage winner and there are no changes to the top 3 riders in the overall classification. Stage 19 time trial awaits.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 17)

Floyd Landis rode the race of his life to win Stage 17 of Le Tour de France 2006. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough to wrestle the yellow jersey away from Oscar Pereiro. The good news is Floyd Landis has jumped from 11th to 3rd in the overal classification. Only 30 seconds separate Oscar Pereiro, Carlos Sastre and Floyd Landis in the final 3 stages of the race. One of these 3 riders will win this year's race.

Stage 17 is probably one of the most exciting stages thus far. Floyd Landis attacked during the first climb of the day and rode alone for most of the stage until the finish line. He was determined to erase his poor performance suffered during the previous stage.

Only 3 days of competition is left. Who will win this year's Le Tour?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 16)

Floyd Landis has lost the yellow jersey after finishing over 10 minutes behind Stage 16 winner of Mickael Rasmussen. The yellow jersey goes back to Oscar Pereiro when he finished 3rd today. Oscar Pereiro has a lead of almost 2 minutes over Carlos Sastre now. Tomorrow will be another tough day for the riders. Let's see if the yellow jersey will change hands again.

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 15)

Floyd Landis is wearing the yellow jersey again after finishing 4th yesterday. Frank Schleck was the winner for Stage 15. The gap between Floyd Landis and Oscar Pereiro is only 10 seconds. The real race has just begun.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


NST has joined the blogging bangwagon by launching MoNSTer blog portal. "Monsterblog is undertaken with the help of Jaring, the pioneer Internet Service Provider. This is part of our efforts to go beyond the traditional print edition and to provide a holistic package to readers."

"Monsterblog is currently penned by a group of bloggers known amongst their peers. We hope this project will grow, as the blogosphere doubles itself every few months. It is a way for our readers to get to read what other readers write."

The bloggers involved in this project are:

You should be able to recognize most of them. Does this mean these bloggers are the elite influencers in Malaysia's blogsphere?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lovely Sunday

Tri Nations 2006 - Australia vs. South Africa

What a major turnaround! Okay, South Africa didn't play well at all on Saturday but a win is still a win. The Wallabies has thrashed the Springboks by 49-0. No, I didn't type wrongly. Yes, South Africa didn't manage to score a single point. Okay, let's not get carried away. After all, the sound defeat inflicted by the All Blacks is still lingering around. The real test will come when the Wallabies play the All Blacks again on July 29. In the mean time, let's see if the Springboks can rebound this coming Saturday when they play New Zealand on July 22.

Malaysia Cup 2006 - Perak vs. MPPJ

Perak has defeated MPPJ by 3-1 on Saturday night. Perak has jumped to the top of Group D after this victory. I am still supporting Perak despite migrating to PJ more than 10 years ago. Hopefully Steve Darby can help Perak to win the Malaysia Cup this year.

Le Tour de France 2006 - Stage 14

Pierrick Fedrigo has won stage 14 and Oscar Pereiro gets to keep the yellow jersey for another day. The riders will face 3 days of tough mountain climbing after yesterday's rest day. We will see who will emerge as the new champion of this year's race after the completion of these 3 stages. The top 10 riders are only separated by 5 minutes. It is still anybody's race at the moment.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006 (Stage 13)

Oscar Pereiro is the new holder of the yellow jersey after the completion of Stage 13. He completed Stage 13 together with the stage winner, Jens Voigt. Amazingly, Oscar Pereiro started in 46th place before the start of Stage 13. Oscar is the 7th rider to wear the yellow jersey in this year tour. Oscar leads Floyd by 1:29 for now while we await the Alps.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006

Floyd Landis gets to wear the yellow jersey for another day. Yaroslav Popovych won Stage 12. The Alps looms in the horizon, Stage 15 to be exact.

Friday, July 14, 2006

100 Plus New Body

The print ad that I saw in The Sun newspaper on Tuesday was a teaser ad for the new 100 Plus packaging. "The perfect human body inspires another perfect form, Better Grip, Elegant Contours, Smooth and Symmetrical, Sleek & Sculpted" is the tagline of the new body for 100 Plus. The new bottle looks like a rocket. Do you like it?

Le Tour de France 2006

Here is the list of yellow jersey holders after the completion of 11 stages in Le Tour de France 2006:

1. Thor Hushovd (2 stages including prologue)
2. George Hincapie (1 stage)
3. Tom Boonen (4 stages)
4. Serhiy Honchar (3 stages)
5. Cyril Dessel (1 stage)
6. Floyd Landis (1 stage)

We already have 6 different riders wearing the yellow jersey thus far. That is double the number of yellow jersey holders in Le Tour de France 2005. We only had 3 riders namely, David Zabriskie, Lance Armstrong and Jens Voigt during last year's race. It goes to show how wide open this year race is. I am sure the yellow jersey will change hands again since Floyd Landis only has a 8 seconds lead over Cyril Dessel. One thing for sure, Le Tour is heating up.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crawling and Teething

Matthew has started crawling and teething after turning 8 months old a few days ago. Let's see how long will he take to master the art of walking.

How did Materazzi insulted Zidane? (Updated)

A) "Your sister is a whore"
B) "You are a dirty terrorist"
C) "You are super arrogant"

D) "You are a son of a terrorist whore, so **** off"
E) Something concerning his mother and sister

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Interesting Print Ads

I saw these ads in the Sun today. Looks interesting. I have to wait until 14 July to satisfy my curiousity.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tri Nations 2006 - Australia vs. New Zealand

There were talks about Australia being able to match New Zealand prior to the first Tri Nations match last Saturday. Australia was beaming with confidence after 3 successful victories over England and Ireland. New Zealand was supposedly to treat the Tri Nations lightly without diverting too much attention away from their main objective which is winning the World Cup next year.

All these talks were immediately quashed when New Zealand beat Australia convincingly by a 20 points margin (32-12). So it is back to the drawing board for John Connolly. The Wallabies do not have much time as they face the Springboks on the 15 July. South Africa will provide another stern test for the Wallabies. Let's see how the Wallabies will fare against the Springboks.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Le Tour de France 2006

Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Alexander Vinokourov are not riding in this year edition of Le Tour de France due to a doping scandal in Spain. Jan and Ivan have been implicated in the on-going investigation in Spain while Alexander's team has pulled out due to insufficient riders caused by the same reason. So we will definitely have a fresh new rider sipping champagne on the way to the finishing line at Champs-Elysees.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Was it a penalty?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baghdatis has done it again

Surprise, surprise. Marcos Baghdatis has stunned Lleyton Hewitt at the Wimbledon. He will be playing either Nieminen or Nadal in the semifinals. On a separate note, if you are a great of Maria Sharapova's cleavage, your days are numbered. Wimbledon tennis officials have banned skimpy tennis outfits for this year Wimbledon tournament.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rothmans Roundabout

Does anyone know what caused the gridlock at the Rothmans roundabout this morning? Traffic started to slow down in SS2 nea the Public Bank. Sensing something was wrong, I have decided to use the Sea Park and Paramount Garden route to office today. When I turned at the traffic lights in Section 14 near the mosque, I could see the traffic jam at the roundabout. I am glad I wasn't caught in that jam.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Worst Quarter Final Match Ever

The first and probably only match that I watched during the current World Cup final turned out to be an absolute bore. I can't believe I have wasted 3 hours of my sleep. Both England and Portugal were guilty of playing the game like it was a friendly match instead of a World Cup quarter final match. Both teams were contented to wait for the penalty shootout. What a poor match! On a separate note, France actually created an upset by defeating Brazil. So my prediction was wrong again. Now I am predicting a German vs. France final although I am hoping for a Italy vs. France final deep down.