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Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup 2006 Quarter Finalists

The preliminary group matches are over. The boys have been separated from the men. Time to get serious now. The list of countries that have qualified for the second round are as follow:

World Cup 2006
1. Germany vs. Sweden
2. Argentina vs. Mexico
3. England vs. Ecuador
4. Portugal vs. Holland
5. Italy vs. Australia
6. Switzerland vs. Ukraine
7. Brazil vs. Ghana
8. Spain vs. France

World Cup 2002
1. Denmark vs. England
2. Brazil vs. Belgium
3. Sweden vs. Senegal
4. Japan vs. Turkey
5. Germany vs. Paraguay
6. Mexico vs. USA
7. Spain vs. Ireland
8. Korea vs. Italy

You will not find a single Asian country in this year list compared to the previous World Cup. France, Portugal, Holland and Argentina are back in contention. The surprised newcomers are Ecuador, Australia and Ghana. Ecuador did better than Poland, Australia edged Croatia and Ghana outplayed Czech Republic. Korea and Japan won't be missed. I am still struggling to accept Korea was the 4th best team in World Cup 2002. So things will get more interesting in the knock-out stages. Here is my prediction of the quarter-finalists:

1. Germany vs. Argentina
2. England vs. Holland
3. Italy vs. Ukraine
4. Brazil vs.Spain


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