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Friday, June 23, 2006

Black Friday

My Innova has suffered its first accident this morning. The car in front of me applied its emergency brake which I followed suit. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was too close and hit the rear of my vehicle. It was a minor mishap and my vehicle bumper looked intact. We went on our separate ways as the motorcyclist's front mud guard had suffered some scratches only. I kept thinking about the accident and I thought the crash sounded quite loud. I stopped my car in front of the BB Boys School and checked my bumper again. As expected, the bottom of my rear bumper is cracked. Sigh, this is the second mishap that has happened to my Innova. I am not too sure if I should fix the bumper now.

John sat next to Kenneth and Siao Hui today. I am guessing that was how John contracted a cough since Siao Hui is coughing. I noticed John is not sitting with his regular friends, James and Ethan. John is usually excited about seeing James but that euphoria is gone. Now I am worried. Is John losing his friends? That is why he is making new ones. I am becoming paranoid.


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