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Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup 2006 Semi Finalists

Okay, my prediction for the quarter-finalists was slightly off. Well Portugal vs. Holland was a 50-50 match anyway. I didn't expect the old timers of France to steam-roll Spain either.So it appears that the traditional power house of football has restored the game. The quarter-finalists are as follow:

1. Germany vs. Argentina
2. England vs. Portugal
3. Italy vs. Ukraine
4. Brazil vs. France

My prediction for the semi-finalists is:

1. Germany vs. Italy
2. England vs. Brazil

So, it looks like history will repeat itself. We will have a replay of the 2002 World Cup final (crossing my fingers).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup 2006 Quarter Finalists

The preliminary group matches are over. The boys have been separated from the men. Time to get serious now. The list of countries that have qualified for the second round are as follow:

World Cup 2006
1. Germany vs. Sweden
2. Argentina vs. Mexico
3. England vs. Ecuador
4. Portugal vs. Holland
5. Italy vs. Australia
6. Switzerland vs. Ukraine
7. Brazil vs. Ghana
8. Spain vs. France

World Cup 2002
1. Denmark vs. England
2. Brazil vs. Belgium
3. Sweden vs. Senegal
4. Japan vs. Turkey
5. Germany vs. Paraguay
6. Mexico vs. USA
7. Spain vs. Ireland
8. Korea vs. Italy

You will not find a single Asian country in this year list compared to the previous World Cup. France, Portugal, Holland and Argentina are back in contention. The surprised newcomers are Ecuador, Australia and Ghana. Ecuador did better than Poland, Australia edged Croatia and Ghana outplayed Czech Republic. Korea and Japan won't be missed. I am still struggling to accept Korea was the 4th best team in World Cup 2002. So things will get more interesting in the knock-out stages. Here is my prediction of the quarter-finalists:

1. Germany vs. Argentina
2. England vs. Holland
3. Italy vs. Ukraine
4. Brazil vs.Spain

Friday, June 23, 2006

Black Friday

My Innova has suffered its first accident this morning. The car in front of me applied its emergency brake which I followed suit. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was too close and hit the rear of my vehicle. It was a minor mishap and my vehicle bumper looked intact. We went on our separate ways as the motorcyclist's front mud guard had suffered some scratches only. I kept thinking about the accident and I thought the crash sounded quite loud. I stopped my car in front of the BB Boys School and checked my bumper again. As expected, the bottom of my rear bumper is cracked. Sigh, this is the second mishap that has happened to my Innova. I am not too sure if I should fix the bumper now.

John sat next to Kenneth and Siao Hui today. I am guessing that was how John contracted a cough since Siao Hui is coughing. I noticed John is not sitting with his regular friends, James and Ethan. John is usually excited about seeing James but that euphoria is gone. Now I am worried. Is John losing his friends? That is why he is making new ones. I am becoming paranoid.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cars - First Great Movie of the Summer (Time)

What do you get when you combined a simple story line with animation? You will get a great Pixar film. Cars is the latest animation film to be released by Pixar Studio. Actually, Cars is the 7th film created by Pixar since we first watch Toy Story. I took leave on the 9 June to bring my son to watch Cars at the new Cathay Cineplex Damansara.

So life is not always on the fast lane as discovered by Cars' main character, Lightning McQueen. You have to slow down to smell the roses some time. I won't talk much about the film because it has a simple story line. The animation was okay. I thought The Incredibles was more challenging since it is more difficult to animate humans than cars. This is just my personal opinion.

I am giving a bad score to Cathay Cineplex. The film skipped half way during the show. We were watching how Doc Hudson was showing the ropes to Lightning McQueen and the film skipped to McQueen racing in the Pistons Cup all of the sudden. I didn't really complain since I doubt my son would want to watch the film again.

Overall, Cars is worth your money if you like Pixar films. Kachow!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nescafe Rich & Kit Kat Cappuccino

I am down to my final 4 packets of Nescafe Rich 3 in 1. I will stop drinking Nescafe Rich once my stocks run out.

Nestle is selling Kit Kat Cappuccino for a limited time only. I bought one from Giant last week and it tasted like Kit Kat with coffee. It is great for Nestle to introduce so many different Kit Kat flavours but nothing beats the original Kit Kat thus far.