Let's snook 'em

Monday, May 29, 2006

New 100 Plus Aqtiv

According to wikipedia, Capoeira is an Anfo-Brazilian martial art developed initially by African slaves in Brazil, starting in the colonial period. It is marked by deft, trickly movements often played on the ground or completely inverted. It also has a strong acrobatic component in some versions and is always played with music.

100 Plus has used the Capoeira dance for the launch of its new variant, Aqtiv. Rafael showed off some of the Capoeira moves inside the swimming pool and the tvc ended with Rafael quenching his thirst with the new 100 Plus Aqtiv. You can view the tvc
Bantus Capoeira.

Kudos to F&N for introducing Capoeira to the Malaysian world. It appears that more Malaysians are keen to learn Capoeira judging by the feedback in the forum.

Let's focus on 100 Plus Aqtiv. I found Aqtiv to be no different from its Tangy Tangerine flavour. Maybe my taste bud is deformed but I could hardly differentiate the taste. Anyway, I am glad there is one more option for me now since I usually drink 100 Plus Regular.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some Breathing Space

Finally, I have some breathing space after 2 weeks of work. Work for this cycle is not completely over yet. I still have one more presentation to prepare for Thursday but I will take it easy for today. I can worry about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New KFC Chicken Chop

Yesterday was a public holiday. Suzanne and I decided to try the new launch from KFC, their O.R. Chicken Chop at Atria. The combo meal which comes with a carbonated drink is priced at RM 9.90 while the ala carte price is RM 8.50. Suzanne wanted to replace the Pepsi with ice lemon tea which was not permitted. So I had to order one combo and one ala carte meal with ice lemon tea.

The brown sauce was slightly pepperish. We suspect it is the same sauce used for the mashed potato. At least KFC has the initiative to add pepper and mushroom into the chicken chop sauce. KFC has also added raisins into the coleslaw to differentiate it from the regular coleslaw. The fries are bigger too.

Overall, there is nothing special about KFC Chicken Chop. It tasted like any other chicken chop available out on the street. Suzanne mentioned that KFC should launch a hot and spicy version as well. I suspect the hot and spicy version could be in their launch pipeline. Anyway, it was below my expectation and hence I will only give it a 2 out of 5.

Rating: 2/5