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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ice Age 2

Like any other sequels, Ice Age 2 didn't really hit the mark for me. I guess I shouldn't have expected too much but I am always hopeful. Anyway, the original gang is back. Manny, Sid and Diego are back with another adventure. They need to escape the deluge of melted ice. They have to cross to the other side of the valley in search of a big bot created out of a very big tree. In between, Manny had to let go of his past in order to have a future, Sid gained his long over due respect as an equal member of the herd and Diego discovered that he could overcome his greatest fear of water. Important lessons in life of course but I doubt it rubbed off any of the children in the cinema.

I didn't enjoy the movie at all. Ice Age 2 delivers a more serious tone compared to its predecessor. Like I said in the beginning, good sequels are hard to come by. I guess the same applies to animations as well.

Rating: 2/5


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