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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Innova Driving Experience

I am blogging at Starbucks USJ now while waiting for my car/van getting its tint. I have been driving the Innova for a few days now. Overall, the experience is okay. I feel higher while driving the Innova. My old car was the imported Honda Accord. Hence there was a lot of electronic panels inside my old car. Everything is back to basic and manual in the Innova. Since the engine capacity is similar to the Honda, I don't expect any huge increases in the Innova fuel consumption. Hopefully, I can still drive up to 350km with a full tank of RM80.

I don't know much about car tint. My Toyota sales agent recommended V Kool (RM2.4k) and Rike Cool(RM2k promotion). I am not really prepared to pay 2k for tint alone. My brother recommended Eco Tint instead. Eco Tint retail price is also 2k. My brother decided to pull some strings and I got some discounts. Hence I am waiting at Starbucks USJ now (Eco Tint office is located in USJ Taipan).

I still got 1 hour to kill. Don't know what to do next.


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