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Monday, February 20, 2006

CSI Season 6

CSI is back on AXN after a long hiatus. I have been waiting for it since I found out they are showing the latest season in US. However, I was left deflated after watching the first episode. I have more questions than answers in this episode since it is a continuation from the previous season. Is everyone back on the same team now? I guess I will have to find out as the season moves along. Anyway, Warrick is married and Nick is afraid of insects now. There was this lady CSI who left after Ecklie decided to promote Catherine instead of her. She is back as a detective now. Better get her name in the next episode. And as for the 3 cases, the CSI solved them without much ado. I didn't find the 3 cases interesting. Maybe I was expecting too much after the long wait. Hopefully, episode 2 is more exciting.


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