Let's snook 'em

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spare Credit Card

I have been thinking of getting a spare credit card. I am undecided between the Citibank Choice Card or Maybank Flex Card. I think UOB is also offering free for life credit card.

I heard that Maybank customer service sucks which is not surprising. So I have decided to go for Choice Card.

Friday, November 18, 2005

New Baby

I would like to announce the birth of my third baby, Matthew. He was actually born about one week ago. Yes, it actually took us a while to register his name. I guess the euphoria level is not as high as compared to the first child. Anyway, as long he is safe and healthy. He is undergoing photo therapy treatment in the hospital at the moment. Hopefully, he can check out tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thank you Darren Fletcher

So Chelsea can be beaten in EPL. So Sir Alex can breathe easier with the victory over Mourinho. So I won't be expecting to hear a new manager replacing Sir Alex in January. In any case, I still doubt Roy Keane would be lifting the cup by the end of this season. I still believe Chelsea will win back to back titles this year.

Pepsi has launched a new cola drink called Pepsi Tarik. Pepsi Tarik is a coffee flavoured carbonated soft drink. So does it taste more like coffee or more like cola? I have decided to kill my curiosity today. I think Pepsi Tarik tasted more like cola. I couldn't hardly taste the coffee. I doubt this drink will be successful but kudos to Pepsi for introducing such a fusion drink.

Rating: 1/5

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Jacob Bites

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Danone has launched a new biscuit called Jacob Bites. It comes in 2 flavours, Blazing BBQ and Cheezy Cheddar. Jacob Bites caught my attention when I was in Shell. I have decided to try it since it is only RM 1.00 per pack. It tasted healthy since it is baked. I was also attracted by its "bite-sized" packaging. Overall, there is nothing special about Jacob Bites.

Rating: 3/5